Camp Sheldon at Exceptional Care for Children in Newark DE

University of Delaware dietetics volunteer This week of 8/4/14 – 8/8/14 I spent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday volunteering at Camp Sheldon at Exceptional Care for Children in Newark Delaware. My university sent an email out to dietetics students that stated volunteers were needed to assist with food preparation for a summer camp nearby. This worked perfectly into my schedule as I have been working second shift this summer (3-11pm) and would be able to spend my morning and early afternoon helping out.

Allison Hall volunteer experience

A Watermelon Octopus!

Exceptional Care for Children Newark DE

Rice Krispy Treat Sushi: Another great idea from Pinterest!

The last day I took some pictures of the fabulous buffet display we put together under the guidance and instruction of the food service coordinator at ECC, Leigh. She just graduated from UD with degree in Dietetics, so she had great advice and shared plenty of important information with the student volunteers.

Exceptional Care for Children is a pediatric nursing facility in Delaware. It was such a great experience to volunteer for Camp Sheldon, where the children of the staff played alongside the residents of ECC for some good old fashioned day camp fun! I hope to volunteer here again as it was a rewarding experience and I got to know my peers from UD a little better as well!

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