Teaching Assistant for Professor Kristin Wiens

Fall of 2014 I became a TA for Professor Kristin Wiens. She taught an introductory nutrition class in a large lecture hall of over 100 students. My responsibilities included answering student emails about the semester long project, alphabetizing/sorting the assignments as they were handed in, giving one 15 mini-lecture on Eating Disorders & Body Image, and assisting Professor Wiens during the exam periods.

I really enjoyed working with her and she extended the offer to assist her teach an elective cooking class during the Spring of 2015. The semester is nearly half way through and I have gained a lot of new information about cooking and food preparation. Each week I am responsible for scoring online journal entries in our student website called Sakai and assisting Professor Wiens during the class time. I help students find ingredients they are looking for, help keep the lab clean, and try to be generally helpful. Not only have I been fortunate enough to TA this class, I also am a student in a different cooking lab class taught by Professor Wiens.

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