Undergraduate Research Poster

Allison Hall Smyrna DelawareMy final semester of senior year, I traded in my Teaching Assistant role for the title of Undergraduate Research Assistant. I have previous experience in research from my three semesters in the Psychology Department in the Peer Relations Lab under Dr. Hubbard and her graduate students, so I was excited to get back to this type of work. Kristin Wiens, a clinical instructor and food lab coordinator here at the University of Delaware, is working with Dr. Shannon Robson on a study titled “Cooking Confidence, Nutrition Behavior, and Dietary Intake among College Students Enrolled in an Experiential Cooking Class”. I was a TA for the experiential cooking class for two semesters but lately I have been collecting data, entering data, and constructing a poster based on the information obtained from students taking this course. As the sole undergrad on this project, I have kept busy with  these basic tasks to help my professors focus on the more critical aspects of the study. I spent many hours this semester working on a poster to present our preliminary data. Here I am at the undergraduate research symposium displaying the study.Allison Hall "Cooking Confidence, Nutrition Behavior, and Dietary Intake among College Students enrolled in an experiential cooking class"


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