My Position at Exceptional Care for Children

Allison Hall Exceptional Care Nurses Aide

Notice the big hair cut?

In 2014, I volunteered at Camp Sheldon at Exceptional Care for Children in the food service department. Passing out snacks and juice boxes at this unique facility was the first experience I had in a pediatric skilled nursing facility. After a tour around, I was enchanted and decided I had to work here. I got my certification last summer and here I am at ECC typing this right now in between rounds on an overnight shift!

Right now, the summer of 2016, I have a part time position as a dinner time aide and play therapy aide. I come in just before 5pm and corral the kiddos for dinner. I only have a few kids who eat with me because the residents here receive their nutrition via G-tube, NG-tube, or other letter tubes. After dinner I go upstairs and play with the kids until bed time. Tonight, there was a CNA call out so I’m staying past my normal clock out time of 9pm to cover a nursing assistant shift until 6am. I don’t mind picking up a PM shift because I’m a night owl anyway.

It’s definitely a great place to work and I love spending (almost) everyday surrounded by kids. I still have a lot to learn around here but everyone has been so helpful in getting me oriented to my new job.

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